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Dec. 25
Months 'Til Christmas:
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Days 'Til Christmas:
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Welcome to my countdown to Christmas page!  Now you'll know exactly how much time you have left until Christmas!   Can't Wait?  How long 'til Christmas?    ...But who's counting?  - Time's wasting!

This page will compute the time to Christmas.  Christmas is specified as the day and month.  Note that Christmas is assumed to occur at midnight, so that if today is Christmas it will be reported as a year away.  The computed figures is rounded up to the nearest integer if the fractional part of the figure is .5 or greater, and down otherwise.

Below is a timezone feature so you can "countdown" from other parts of the world.  Select a timezone from the list below and the countdown will automatically update itself.  Use of this feature may be depending on your operating system and your system clock.

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