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Extended Color Names in CSS

CSS Level 1 supports only 16 named colors. However, Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 support these, but also support an additional 124 name values. This document lists these names, and provides a useful test of support for these values by your browser.

The following table used CSS rules to set the color of the table background to the value named within the cell. Each color is given twice: once using the color name, the second using the hexadecimal code corresponding to this symbolic name. That is, the name "aquamarine" and the hexadecimal code "7FFFD4" should yield the same color.

NOTE 1 -- This document is properly displayed only on those systems capable of "thousands" of colors. If you system can only display 256 colors, some of the colors will be correct, but most will be not -- the will be either dithered or substituted. In this case, this document is not a good demonstration of the colors, but is a good demonstration of dithering/substitution problems!

NOTE 2 -- The color name aliceblue (the first color defined in the following table), although defined in the extended list of named colors, has never worked under Netscape browsers.

Calibration Check
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F


Color Name Hexadecimal   Color Name Hexadecimal
aliceblue F0F8FF   antiquewhite FAEBD7
aquamarine 7FFFD4   azure F0FFFF
beige F5F5DC   bisque FFE4C4
blanchedalmond FFEBCD   blueviolet 8A2BE2
brown A52A2A   burlywood DEB887
cadetblue 5F9EA0   chartreuse 7FFF00
chocolate D2691E   coral FF7F50
cornflowerblue 6495ED   cornsilk FFF8DC
crimson DC1436   cyan 00FFFF
darkblue 00008B   darkcyan 008B8B
darkgoldenrod B8860B   darkgray A9A9A9
darkgreen 006400   darkkhaki BDB76B
darkmagenta 8B008B   darkolivegreen 556B2F
darkorange FF8C00   darkorchid 9932CC
darkred 8B0000   darksalmon E9967A
darkseagreen 8FBC8F   darkslateblue 483D8B
darkslategray 2F4F4F   darkturquoise 00CED1
darkviolet 9400D3   deeppink FF1493
deepskyblue 00BFFF   dimgray 696969
dodgerblue 1E90FF   firebrick B22222
floralwhite FFFAF0   forestgreen 228B22
gainsboro DCDCDC   ghostwhite F8F8FF
gold FFD700   goldenrod DAA520
greenyellow ADFF2F   honeydew F0FFF0
hotpink FF69B4   indianred CD5C5C
indigo 4B0082   ivory FFFFF0
khaki F0E68C   lavender E6E6FA
lavenderblush FFF0F5   lawngreen 7CFC00
lemonchiffon FFFACD   lightblue ADD8E6
lightcoral F08080   lightcyan E0FFFF
lightgoldenrodyellow FAFAD2   lightgreen 90EE90
lightgrey D3D3D3   lightpink FFB6C1
lightsalmon FFA07A   lightseagreen 20B2AA
lightskyblue 87CEFA   lightslategray 778899
lightsteelblue B0C4DE   lightyellow FFFFE0
limegreen 32CD32   linen FAF0E6
magenta FF00FF   mediumaquamarine 66CDAA
mediumblue 0000CD   mediumorchid BA55D3
mediumpurple 9370DB   mediumseagreen 3CB371
mediumslateblue 7B68EE   mediumspringgreen 00FA9A
mediumturquoise 48D1CC   mediumvioletred C71585
midnightblue 191970   mintcream F5FFFA
mistyrose FFE4E1   moccasin FFE4B5
FFDEAD   oldlace FDF5E6
olivedrab 6B8E23   orange FFA500
orangered FF4500   orchid DA70D6
palegoldenrod EEE8AA   palegreen 98FB98
paleturquoise AFEEEE   palevioletred DB7093
papayawhip FFEFD5   peachpuff FFDAB9
peru CD853F   pink FFC0CB
plum DDA0DD   powderblue B0E0E6
rosybrown BC8F8F   royalblue 4169E1
saddlebrown 8B4513   salmon FA8072
sandybrown F4A460   seagreen 2E8B57
seashell FFF5EE   sienna A0522D
skyblue 87CEEB   slateblue 6A5ACD
slategray 708090   snow FFFAFA
springgreen 00FF7F   steelblue 4682B4
tan D2B48C   thistle D8BFD8
tomato FF6347   turquoise 40E0D0
violet EE82EE   wheat F5DEB3
whitesmoke F5F5F5   yellowgreen 9ACD32


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